Chiloglottis sylvestris

Small wasp orchid

Chiloglottis sylvestris is a small, terrestrial, delicate species endemic to eastern Australia. It has two dark green leaves and a single greenish pink flower with a reddish black, insect-like callus surrounded by fine, radiating, red, club-shaped calli on two-thirds of the base of the labellum.

Deciduous orchid with two leaves 30–60 mm long and 12–20 mm wide. A single greenish pink flower 20–26 mm long and 5–6 mm wide is borne on a flowering stem 30–50 mm high. The dorsal sepal is linear to spatula-shaped, 10–13 mm long and 2–2.5 mm wide.

The small wasp orchid grows in moist places in tall forest and rainforest between Eungella in Queensland and Robertson in New South Wales.

Flowering occurs from December to May.

Source: Wikipedia

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