Dendrobium kingianum

Pink rock orchid

This lithophyte forms large clumps on rocks in open forest around Brisbane.

The pseudobulbs grow to 30 cm by 2 cm with 2 to 7 apical leaves 10 cm by 2 cm. The flower stem grows to 15 cm with up to 15 flowers 30 mm across.

Flowers are white through shades of pink, purple or red and have broad segments with a single ridge yellow labellum callus.

This distinctive orchid can be readily identified by its distinctive growth habit and it pinkish flowers with broad segments. The only similar species is Dendrobium x suffusum, a rare hybrid with Dendrobium gracilicaule that can be distinguished by its reddish markings only on the outside and the 3 ridged callus running the full length of the labellum

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