Habenaria harroldii

Southern rein orchid

It is a tuberous terrestrial orchid endemic to the Fraser Coast region of Queensland. It has between three to five leaves at its base and up to 25  white flowers with reduced side lobes on the labellum.

The leaves are 30–100 mm long and 7–16 mm wide. Between three and 25 lightly scented white flowers, 9–11 mm long and 12–15 mm wide are borne on a flowering stem 150–450 mm tall. The dorsal sepal is 6.5–8.5 mm long and about 5 mm wide, overlapping with the base of the petals to form a hood over the column. The lateral sepals are 7–9 mm long, about 5 mm wide and spread widely apart from each other. The petals are 6–8 mm long and about 4 mm wide. The labellum is 8–10 mm long, about 5 mm wide and usually undivided. The nectary spur is 2.5–12 mm long and more or less straight.

Flowering occurs from January to March.

Source: Wikipedia

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