Phaius tankervilleae

Common swamp orchid, southern swamp-orchid, swamp lily, island swamp-orchid

It is a species of orchid native to areas from Asia to islands in the Pacific Ocean. It has large, pleated leaves and tall flowering stems bearing up to 25 white, brown, mauve and yellow flowers.
It is an evergreen, terrestrial herb that has cone shaped or more or less spherical pseudobulbs mostly 60–80 mm long and 30–60 mm wide. Between two and eight pleated linear to lance-shaped leaves 30–100 cm long and 80–200 mm wide develop from the pseudobulb. Between 10 and 25 resupinate flowers 70–125 mm wide are borne on a flowering stem 50–200 cm tall.
The flowers are whitish on the outside and reddish brown inside. The sepals and petals are oblong to lance-shaped, 40–65 mm long and 10–15 mm wide. The labellum is pink or reddish with a white tip and white stripes inside, 35–60 mm long and 20–50 mm wide with three lobes. The middle lobe is more or less tube-shaped and the side lobes have wavy or crinkled edges. There is a whitish yellow spur 5–10 mm long near the base of the labellum and a narrow raised callus in its centre.

Flowering occurs from September to November in Australia and from March to June in Asia.

Source: Wikipedia

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