Pterostylis nutans

Nodding greenhood, parrot’s beak orchid

This terrestrial orchid grows in moist areas in the open forests around Brisbane. It is widespread and locally common and forms dense colonies of plants where the conditions are right.

The rosette has up to 6 stalked leaves to about 40 mm by 15 mm. The flower stem is quite variable and grows between 10 cm to 30 cm tall, usually in the 15 cm to 20 cm range. The flower is translucent with green and white stripes and fawn towards the tip. It nods forward strongly distinguishing this orchid from most other Pterostylis.

This species can be identified by its green and white nodding flowers. It is similar to Pterostylis hispidula, but can be separated by its lateral sepals crossing the galea and its galea apex narrow when viewed from the front compared to Pterosytlis hispidula.

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