Bulbophyllum exiguum

Tiny strand orchid

This epiphytic or lithophytic orchid grows on trees in the rainforest verges around Brisbane, often forming large matts. It is quite common but easily overlooked due to its small size and is often mistaken for fern. When in flower, this orchid is much more conspicuous with the green yellow flowers distinguishing this orchid from the much more common fern.

The pseudobulbs are 5 mm to 10 mm in diameter and deeply grooved with one leaf at the pseudobulb apex to about 40 mm by 10 mm. The pseudobulbs are conspicuously connected to neighbouring pseudobulbs about 25 mm apart. This gives this orchid a very distinctive appearance even when not in flower. The flowers are about 10 mm across on very thin stems to about 50 mm generally holding one or two flowers, but sometimes to 5 flowers. The flowers are long lived and can last for weeks.

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