Dendrobium tetragonum

Tree spider orchid

This common epiphyte or occasional lithophyte grows in rainforests around Brisbane.

The pseudobulbs grow to 45 cm by 9 mm, thin at the base and broadening toward the tip. The pseudobulbs are distinctly square in cross section and are pendulous to semi-pendulous. There are up to 5 leathery apical leaves to 8 cm by 25 mm. The flowering stem grows to 4 cm with up to five flowers.

Flowers are 25 mm across with thin segments. The flowers are yellowish or greenish with red margins, sometimes with redish purple splotching.

This distinctive orchid can be easily identified by its square section tapering pseudobulbs and starry greenish yellow flowers with red margins. There is no other similar orchid which occurs in the Brisbane area which could be confused with this orchid.

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