Sarcochilus falcatus

Orange blossom orchid

This common epiphyte grows in the rainforests and vine forests around Brisbane where there is plenty of air movement and mist to keep it moist. Where the conditions are suitable, this orchid grows in large numbers with dozens of orchids commonly found on a tree.

There are 3 to 8 leathery leaves to 160 mm by 20 mm arranged in a fan shape with each leaf distinctively curved. This gives this orchid a very distinctive appearance making identification very easy even when not in flower. The black inflorescences of previous years also remain on the plant giving another easy identification feature.

There are usually 2 to 8 flowers, occasionally many more with each flower to 30 mm across. The flowers are white with yellow, orange and red markings on the labellum. At times, this orchid can be difficult to see behind it’s large number of flowers.

This distinctive orchid is easily identified by its leathery curved leaves and its white flower with yellow markings on the labellum. It can not be confused with any other orchid.

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